Youth Ministry

We invite students from 6th to 12th Grade to be a part of our Youth Ministry!  Please follow our Student Facebook Page for a list of current events and other fun stuff.  (btw our sanctuary is a Pokestop)

These are our regularly scheduled events:

Sunday Mornings (Sunday school)
9:45 in the Oasis Youth room (Disciple Hall’s second floor)

Guys’ class teacher: Evan Burt and Thomas Devine
Girls’ class teachers: Ginny Crowe and Dawn Umbargar

Sunday Nights (During the school year)
-These are chained events, flowing into each other-

4:30 Puppet Ministry practice [located in the church gym]
5:30 Youth choir, or performing arts* [locations change too often to specify]
6:15 Free dinner for all Youth (6th – 12th grade)  [located in the cafeteria]
6:45 Youth group Bible study or small groups [located in the Oasis, a.k.a. Disciple Hall’s second floor]
Sunday Nights usually end around 7:30pm

Wednesday Nights (The Well)
-These are chained events, flowing into each other-

5:00 Church-wide supper ministry (free food) [located in the cafeteria]
6:00 Games in the church gym
7:00 Praise band Worship and Bible study [located in the Oasis, a.k.a. Disciple Hall’s second floor]
Wednesday Nights usually end around 8pm

*student choir/performing arts: This time together provides amazing opportunities to use your singing and other musical talents.  In addition to a student choir, there are also creative arts teams!  These including a hand bell choir, a creative movement team, and a dowel team.  These teams bless and encourage our church every year, and we are excited to see what God has planned for them in the future!