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5 Pastors Worth Listening To

  1. Alistair Begg – Truth for Life Ministries – Alistair’s Scottish accent and great sense of humor makes him my favorite preacher to listen to. His careful attention to the text along with his insightful explanations will help you to learn key doctrines and the history of Biblical stories with ease. His radio program can be heard daily in Orlando on WTLN FM 94.9 from 12:30-1PM on weekdays. You can also download the “Truth for Life” app in any app store or visit online at www.truthforlife.org. All of Alistair Begg’s Sermons are free to download and listen to.
  2. Tim Keller – Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City. Tim Keller is today’s leading apologist preacher. An apologist is someone who defends the faith against outside attacks. Tim has a brilliance in his delivery and he has had a successful ministry in New York City reaching atheists, feminists, and liberal elites with the Gospel of Jesus.  Tim’s sermons can be hard to locate, but you can search for them on Youtube, in Apple’s Podcast App, or through Google. 150 of Tim’s sermons are available for free at http://www.gospelinlife.com/free-sermon-resource.
  3. John MacArthur – Grace to You Ministries – Pastor John MacArthur has had a long and faithful ministry preaching through books of the Bible. John is a clear communicator of Biblical truth and a staunch defender of the Gospel. John’s books were a huge help to me during my middle school/high school years and his commentaries on the Bible were very instrumental in my first years as a preacher. I recommend his Study Bible enthusiastically! You can hear John’s preaching every evening on WTLN FM 94.9 in Orlando from 6:30-7PM and you can find his “Grace to You” App for free in all app stores. John’s sermons are available for free from www.gracetoyou.org.
  4. R.C. Sproul – Ligonier Ministries – R.C. Sproul is a local pastor who has had a long teaching ministry working through the historical truths and doctrines of the faith. Sproul is the best teacher for tough doctrines, and he has a clear delivery and grasp of the Bible and of church history. I read Ligonier Ministries Tabletalk devotional often and I have read many of Sproul’s books throughout the years. Sproul’s radio program, Renewing your Mind, can be heard on WTLN FM 94.9 in Orlando from 8-8:30 AM daily. You can also download the “Ligonier” app from any app store and visit www.ligonier.org for more access to his teaching and preaching.
  5. J.D. Greear – Summit Community Church, North Carolina. Greear is a young Southern Baptist Pastor who has served overseas with the IMB in a difficult country. Greear has a great teaching style and an awesome sense of humor that makes listening to his sermons a complete joy. He is a faithful expositor and a generous pastor, who is helping to plant churches all around the world. You can hear his sermons and learn more about his ministry by visiting http://www.jdgreear.com/.